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Sundays at 10:00 am

Picture this: A place where your unique talents shine, where you make lifelong friends, and where your faith takes center stage. Whether you're in 7th grade or ruling your senior year, we've got your back.


🎉 Why You'll Love It 🎉


🚀 Unleash Your Potential: Ready to level up in life? We're here to help you unlock your superpowers, discover your passions, and become the incredible person you're meant to be!


💪 Make an Impact: Ever dreamt of changing the world? Get involved and discover how you can make a difference!


📖 Deep Dive into Faith: Our discussions are real, relevant, and will have you thinking about life's big questions in a whole new way.


🤘 Friends & Fun: It's not all serious stuff, though. We've got a blast of fun and games lined up for you. Plus, you'll meet some pretty cool peeps who share your vibes.


💥 Join the Movement! 💥


It's your time to shine, and Grace Walk Church is the place to do it. Bring your friends, your energy, and your wildest dreams.


For more information contact Nick Reynoso at

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