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Is your relationship in the best shape that it can be? Relationships are not without effort. Just as our physical bodies require exercise and conditioning, so do our connections with our partners. Relationship Coaching at Grace Walk centers relationships around the profound essence of shared commitment. We strive to create enduring bonds between individuals, emphasizing transformative experiences that unite couples and fortify the time spent together.

The events and Life Groups are designed to foster friendships with other couples, cultivating spiritual support and enduring friendships. Moreover, we extend resources such as relationship, pre-marriage, and marriage coaching, equipping couples with the necessary tools to flourish and enhance the existing bond.

Jesus & Regina Santana

Meet Jesus and Regina Santana, dedicated Relationship Directors for Grace Walk Church, holding certifications from N.A.M.E. and specialized expertise in blended family counseling. With 16 years of Regina's active involvement and Jesus's 11-year commitment to Gracewalk, they profoundly connect to the community. Their Coaching journey spans diverse challenges, including depression, anxiety, divorce, and the loss of a spouse, showcasing their commitment to nurturing healthy relationships.


Jesus's impactful service as a counselor for Celebrate Recovery (CR) for 8 years underlines their dedication to supporting individuals through life's complexities. Jesus and Regina Santana embody a powerful commitment to fostering resilient and thriving relationships within the Grace Walk Church community.

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Nick & Yvette Reynoso

Nick and Yvette Reynoso, the dynamic couple serving as Relationship Coaches, bring a unique blend of passion and faith to their roles. Married for three years and active members of Grace Walk Church for five, they are deeply rooted in the community's mission, viewing strong marriages as reflections of God's love and grace. Nick, with a military background, is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Studies and aims to become an Army Chaplain, providing valuable counseling and spiritual guidance. Meanwhile, Yvette, holding an Associate of Arts in Counseling and Applied Psychological Science, is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Behavioral Sciences, offering exceptional care to couples seeking relationship guidance.

Beyond their ministry roles, Nick and Yvette have served as leaders in The Landing, a teen recovery group, and step-study leaders in Celebrate Recovery, showcasing their dedication to facilitating healing and growth. As N.A.M.E. certified Relationship Coaches, they bring a robust foundation of knowledge, experience, and compassion to their mission of guiding couples toward thriving and lasting marriages. Their commitment to strengthening relationships and serving the Grace Walk Church community positions them as invaluable assets in the pursuit of healthy, God-centered relationships.

Alfonso & Evette Flores

A devoted couple celebrating 22 years of marriage, form a blended family of love with 9 children and 12 grandchildren. Their journey in the realm of relationship coaching spans the last 9 years, during which they have not only served as leaders but have also earned certifications as teachers specializing in Blended Families. Alfonso and Evette's impactful presence extends beyond their church community; they have spoken at seminars, participated in panel discussions, organized events, and conferences, and provided counseling to couples and fellow marriage ministry leaders. Their expertise is underscored by certifications from N.A.M.E. and Blended Families.


In addition to their collaborative efforts, Evette Flores has been an influential figure in the Hurting Moms Mending Hearts ministry since 2017. Since March 2023, Evette has extended her compassionate outreach to the broader community by working at Community Bridges Incorporation. In this role, she contributes to providing essential services and resources for individuals dealing with substance use, homelessness, and mental health challenges. The Flores family's commitment to strengthening relationships and supporting individuals in need reflects their dedication to creating positive change within both their immediate and extended communities.



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