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Is your marriage in the best shape that it can be? Marriages are not without effort. As our physical bodies need exercise and conditioning, so do our marriage relationships. The Marriage Ministry at GraceWalk centers marriages around Christ to create lifelong commitments to one another. We focus on holding events that unite couples and strengthen the time spent together.

Matthew 19:5-6 states:

"A man leaves his father and mother and is joined to his wife, and the two are united into one. Since they are no longer two but one, let no one split apart what God has joined together."


Married couples need to remain joined together and not let the storms of life tear down the foundation God has created. The events and Life Groups held by the marriage ministry encourage the enrichment of marriage relationships and the networking of couples to develop spiritual support and lifelong friendships. In addition, we offer pre-marital and marital counseling which provides couples with the tools necessary to succeed in their relationship or enrich what already exists.

Nick & Yvette Reynoso

are a dynamic couple who serve as the dedicated Marriage Ministry Directors for Grace Walk Church. With a combined passion for strengthening relationships and a deep commitment to their faith, they bring diverse experiences and expertise to their roles. Married for three years, Nick and Yvette Reynoso have been active members of Grace Walk Church for five years, deeply ingrained in the community and committed to its mission. They believe in the power of strong, thriving marriages as a reflection of God's love and grace.


Nick is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Studies at Grand Canyon University. Additionally, Nick brings nine years of military experience, having served in the army. He is currently in the Army Reserve, working towards becoming an Army Chaplain and serving as a Religious Affairs Specialist. Nick's military background has equipped him with valuable skills in counseling and providing spiritual guidance to soldiers and their families.


Yvette holds an Associate of Arts in Counseling and Applied Psychological Science and is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Behavioral Sciences through South Mountain Community College. Her educational background, coupled with her compassionate nature, enables her to provide exceptional care and support to couples seeking guidance in their relationships.


In addition to their roles as Marriage Ministry Directors, Nick, and Yvette have also served as leaders of The Landing, a teen recovery group affiliated with Celebrate Recovery. They have experience as step-study leaders in Celebrate Recovery, where they facilitated healing and growth for individuals struggling with various life issues. As N.A.M.E. certified Marriage Ministry Directors, Nick, and Yvette Reynoso exemplify a strong foundation of knowledge, experience, and compassion. They are dedicated to helping couples build thriving and lasting marriages by providing guidance, support, and spiritual wisdom. Their passion for strengthening relationships and their commitment to serving the Grace Walk Church community make them invaluable assets in the pursuit of healthy and God-centered marriages.

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For specific Life Groups, Event dates and times, or counseling appointments please contact Nick & Yvette Reynoso.

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